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onlyfreeman wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

If you want to start building a different system, like moving from OVF to EVF, you might have to adapt. I can hardly imagine some would build a mirrorless camera with a bulky DSLR camera body like high end Canon and Nikon cameras.

Sure, but that seems like a different scenario. The OP said one mirrorless camera (Olympus) was far more comfortable than another (Sony). So why the need to adapt, is the Olympus deficient in some way?

Why take a risk on the initially less comfortable camera and hope it can be adapted to?

I needed a much more compact full frame system for travelling light. For me, this was much more important than a bit better or worse camera comfort. Luckily, my new system feels very comfortable, even when working in cold climate at night, or when using large and heavy lenses.

I don't think so. It took me a full week with professional work to go from DSLR style to Sony mirrorless (use both systems this week), and even more time to get everything to work seamless with the mirrorless system. Now larger cameras feel just weird.

Surely you could adapt to them again?

Yup, no problem to adapt to my old system, or other systems. It might just take some weeks to be fully comfortable with grip, knobs, settings, viewfinder, etc.

Uncomfortabe? Sure, if you are not used with it!

Actually, I would say that the Sony A7 series cameras "bad ergonomy" claim is just a myth, created from those 5 minutes "camera testers"!

I don't have much issue using really tiny cameras (Sony) since my hands are not large, but I can see that it might be difficult for some. There are limits to what the body can adapt to.

I strongly disagree that all the complaints about bad ergonomics are from 5 minute testers, there are plenty of posters right here in this thread that have complaints, and don't appear to be 5 minute testers.

Not all cameras fit all. But I am pretty sure much of the complaints about the Sony FF mirrorless cameras are from people who never have used the camera over a period, nd even some just repeating what they have read on the web.

If there is absolutely no choice, like you must use a FF MILC camera and there is only one brand available, then I might agree that adapting is necessary. Otherwise I don't see the point.

We tend to go for what we like, and what we think we need. Luckily there are many great camera systems out there!

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