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Hypocrisy & contradiction...

Morris0 wrote:

You are the one that started calling names

I disagree.

Scrolling back , and checking, you had said... "You are way too trusting." ...implying some naivety on the matter.

In response I said... "Quite the contrary - you are 'way too' ignorant." ...'ignorant' meaning lacking knowledge or awareness of what you were discussing.

Not what I would consider 'name calling'.

You are the type that continues conversations after the other party attempts to end them

Absolutely - as anyone is entitled to - the right to reply/respond.

And what's more - hypocritically, it is actually you that continues the conversation - long after your own purported attempt(s) to end - duh.

If you were smarter - you would know that the best way to end a conversation is actually to end your own participation in it - not to continue it yourself.

You are the type that must have the last word and it's a delight to not let that happen

LOL - again, you are contradicting and conflicting yourself there.

You've said you have been attempting to end the conversation - the next moment you are 'delighting' in continuing to attempt to have the last word.

Make your mind up.

If you don't like the way I treat you,...

Personally, your rudeness and petulance don't bother me.

But I will point them out, when you wrongly, and hypocritically, accuse me of rudeness .

...then stop responding :-}

When there is no longer any reason to respond.

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