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Re: Safari and camera bags

Michael Meissner wrote:

I haven't been on safari, but when you are actually out on the jeep, do you need a bag? Yes, you will need protection when you are doing other travel.

I might be tempted to use something like the Peak Designs Capture Clip. I would think one on each side. They were originally made for attaching to backpack straps. However, sitting in a jeep, you probably don't want to wear a backpack. If that is the case, perhaps something like heavy duty suspenders that would allow you to hold each camera in place, without them moving around.

Alternatively get a fishing, tactical, or photo vest with large pockets, that could store each of the cameras. In general, a fishing vest will be cheaper than an explicit photo vest, but perhaps there are features in the photo vests that warrant the extra cost.

There are dual camera straps such this one by OP/tech USA that might be useful. However, I imagine in a crowded jeep, you would want the cameras hanging straight down, and not on the sides.

No matter what solution you go for, get it early and practice, practice, practice so that it becomes second nature to switch between the 3 cameras.

I would suggest having a secondary attachment so that if you trying to click the camera while watching the game, that it keeps the camera attached to you.

That is my goal, acquire the equipment and practice, practice and practice.  Just wondering how easy to use OP/Tech system while seated.  Never being on a safari before, not sure if one could stand in a vehicle to shoot.  I figured one is usually seated.


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