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Re: Need a Photoshop pro

onlyfreeman wrote:

I just feel like there must be a relatively easy way to do it, but only a Photoshop pro could enlighten us.

I tried what I could with my limited skills, can't say that it's much better. Post in the retouching forum, you might get lucky.

I am no pro and don't even use Photoshop, but I think you are right about a relatively easy way to fix the picture.

Here is a different approach, more in line with the suggesion from ggbutcher.

I did this for the left side only, it should be repeated for the rest of the picture with appropriate masking.

This is done with Darktable, but I assume PS has similar functionality.
Darktable is free and works on Windows and Linux.

Descriptions under the pictures.

Isolate an area to work with. This is very rough, - some of the gold turned into silver...

Add a parametric mask to desaturate the blue-green band. Use eyedropper to find the color(hue) range. Set mask blur.

Make a new mask for matching brightness with the white pillar.

Done with left side.

Final export from Darktable.


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