Why I love the flip and rotate screen vs the simply flip

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Re: Tilt is fine

Guy Parsons wrote:

My E-P5 tilt screen works for that, tilts down or up. Some Casio pocket cameras in the house only tilt to up and not down, so for overheads simply hold the camera upside down, It's never been a problem. Only fixed screens are the problem.

As for flip out sideways to get tilt, then not for me, too vulnerable and awkward, I will never go there.

In order of preference for this screen only user.....

  1. Tilt up-down screen.
  2. Tilt up only.
  3. Fixed screen.
  4. But really at #99... flip out sideways screen.

Regards...... Guy

Just curious: how many cameras with flip out screens have you owned and really used for any significant period of time? My guess is none.

I am sure that if somebody forced you (I say "forced" only because you would probably never want to give it a try voluntarily :-)) to use exclusively a camera with a flip out screen for a week (probably a day or two would be enough) you would change your opinion drastically. Surely not to the point to change your preference, but it would make you realize that flip out screens are not nearly as bad as you appear to think they are.

I am not trying to change your mind, I totally respect and understand your preference, what works for you obviously doesn't need changing.

Until I tried a flip up-and-down screen I was quite certain that it would be a serious limitation for me (since I am used to flip out screens). Now I know that is not the case, I could easily live with it. But I stick with flip-out screens if available, they are my number one preference. I would place tilt-up-and-down screens in #2. #99 is reserved for fixed screens for me :-).

Regards, T.

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