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segrad1 wrote:

... I have been shooting with a Canon T6 for the past two years ...
... However I do NOT like the feel of the Sony cameras. They are very small in my rather large hands and I just don't like the feel. I KNOW the Sony cameras are GREAT cameras but I want my camera to feel comfortable in my hand ...

Confirmation bias can be a powerful thing. I have access to a Canon 1300D (same camera as T6), and I took the liberty to take it out of the storage where it normally resides. It's a dinky camera nobody wants to use, that we have here at work as some kind of spare.

Compared to my A7RII, the measures shows that the Sony has a deeper and wider grip. Height is pretty similar so there is equally limited space for the pinkyfinger. From the purely tactile side, the difference is mile wide. The Sony has heft and presence, whlie the T6 feels like its made of the cheapest materials available (which it probably is wrt the price it sells for). The Sony has a nice textured rubberized surface in pretty much every piece of the grip that meets the hand. The Canon has only partial rubber coverage, with the rest being slippery dull hard plastic.

Sure, how we prefer grips can be highly subjective, but I really cannot comprehend how anyone can prefer the T6 over a Sony A7x with the excuse of having big hands. That simply doesn't compute.

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