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Re: My opinion - and suggestion...

Morris0 wrote:

Mark H wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

Mark H wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

You need to change your password on everything you use, particular Banking, ecommerce and anything else financial or that would have identity theft risk.

The reason is once they own your email, they follow the trail in your email everywhere else. As they own your email, they can use the forgot password functions of other sites to change your password. They may also have added filters so that you don't get email notices after they take over.

Well - maybe.

I'm not sure whether/what evidence the OP has seen that the email account itself has been compromised.../...

He stated he gave up his password.


All I can see is a couple of statements along the lines of... 'email on my PC is hosed?' ...which isn't even clear whether it is a question or a statement.

They haven't stated whether they are using a mail client (like 'Microsoft Mail' etc) or are using webmail in a browser.

I would guess webmail access, based on access across different machines - but that doesn't explain how/why email might be 'hosed' on one machine, but not on another.

And what exactly do they mean by 'hosed' - what symptoms.

Once that happens, an alert goes to the perp who can grab all his email in a matter of minutes. All bets are off after this.

Emails themselves, don't give you access to accounts - the email account itself would generally need to be under the control of the hacker.

Change the email account password - then, in future, the hacker can't access the account.

That said - if the PC was compromised/infected then the hacker might still be able to get/use any new/changed password, so it is important to ensure the PC is clean/not compromised.

I've seen it happened to way to many people and the damages can be devastating.

I dare say - but it's really not at all clear what the situation is in this case.

Whether the OP might be overreacting to a detection/blocking of malware - or whether the email account, or PC, or both, is actually compromised/'hosed'.

He stated he followed the link to a fake site and entered credentials.

No - he did not say (and as yet, has not said anywhere) that he entered any 'credentials'.

He has only stated that he clicked on a link in an email.


1Dx4me wrote:

3 nights ago, i received an email from UPS and everything looked very authentic! so i opened it to see what is being delivered, to see that info, i have click on that long delivery code, so i did but i noticed the new page was saying something irrelevant, but before i click the code, my MS defender came on with a quick message that i didn't have time to read what it was saying!

...if you read everything more carefully - as I stated above - it is not at all clear whether or not either the email program/email account, the PC, or both, is actually compromised - or neither are.

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