New computer, what to do first?

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Re: Still confused.

lisa367 wrote:

Be pragmatic. Hard drive manufactures know how to make hard drives and have the best information about their drives. Backup software companies know how to write software and can sometimes obtain detailed information about an OS and/or HDD. OS writers are generally generalists and don't really know all that much about HDD's and backup sw. But, they do know about their own OS. Sometimes a small sw company will sell its good sw to another company who needs the product. However the larger company may know nothing about the sw they bought and will just sell it and then let it languish. You know those companies because they don't answer your technical question about the sw and they may not even up-date it; they never wrote it, they don't have specialists sw writers and their business model is to buy sw cheaply and sell, sell, sell.

So, what does all this mean? I think you can read between the lines. Buy OS's from companies that produce OS's. Buy backup software from companies that specialize in backup sw. Buy HDD repair sw from the HD manufactures affiliate, or the HD manufacture. Buy photo editing sw from the company you like that specializes in photo editing. Et. al., et. al. The above is only my opinion; but was written by a person who has been purchasing sw, and hardware, for 43 years. I have learned some useful ideas.

BTW, use the Seagate sw on Seagate drives. Don't delete it, you may need it at some later time even if you currently have your sw residing on a different manuf's drive. Sometimes 15 year old hd sw works better on an old drive than new sw from the same manufacture. And yes, I do have several drives that are that old. Try and find a computer that works with the correct interface though.

Sorry, rambling. Peace.

Sooo, in a nutshell, are you saying to just go ahead and use the backup software on my Seagate drive? Forget about the free software or Windows backup? Thanks!

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