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segrad1 wrote:

Good afternoon my fellow photographers. A quick question for those willing to respond. I have been shooting with a Canon T6 for the past two years. I'm going to upgrade to Panasonic G9 and I was also going to initially add a Sony A7RII or A7III. However I do NOT like the feel of the Sony cameras. They are very small in my rather large hands and I just don't like the feel. I KNOW the Sony cameras are GREAT cameras but I want my camera to feel comfortable in my hand. They BEST feeling camera I've ever felt in my hands is the Olympus M1 Mark II. The only reason I'm getting the Lumix G9 is because I feel it and the Oly M II are basically the same except teheG9 is newer.

My question is as an aspiring photographer, am I wrong in going with a camera that is FAR superior than my current camera strictly for the feel of it? I want to provide the best quality photos possible and I'm wondering am I being lazy or not professional for not using a camera that is better simply because I don't like the feel?

Thank you in advance for the responses and enjoy your evenings good people😊

If you're asking for speculation on how important the feel of the Sony cameras is to you then I'd guess that you and most of the other 1000 people a day writing about the ergonomics or feel of Sony cameras are mostly just repeating something you read on the internet versus having some real aversion to the Sony "feel".

I think complaining about Sony ergonomics is the flavor of the day just like menus and I think most people are making a mountain out of a molehill.  I think the problem here is 10% ergonomics and 90% people reading something on the internet and then following along without having an original thought.  I've used the Olympus E-M1 II and I'm not sure I can grasp this overly dramatic contrast you're finding between the best camera you've ever felt, a low end DSLR and the Sony A7rIII....,724.580,692.614,ha,t

Then again I'm just speculating and maybe the problem is that I'm just not picky enough....   only you know if you really have a problem with the Sony and if you do then I'd say go with something else.

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