What is the one thing you wish you knew then what you do now?

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What is the one thing you wish you knew then what you do now?

The one thing that you wish you were told - or took seriously - when you were first starting out that now it's too late?

To me is Dust inside Lenses.

Having spent the past few days Autumn Cleaning, putting Camera Bags through the Wash, using Wet Wipes front and back of Lenses some things are evident to me now...

Make sure your Lenses have Caps on when not in use - I do mostly, but when Caps are off I have noticed Dust gets on them and when you put them on the Lens, Dust gets on the Lens.

Keep your Camera Bag is closed as much as possible - I didn't. Dust and all sorts of 'Bits' in the Bags didn't come out in the Wash.

Dust the environment you tend to keep your Gear in/stored/kept - all this takes time, having spent some time now (days) because my newest Lens (Sigma 150-600mm (C) is not going to end up like my AF-P 70-300mm if I can help it) But it is surprising how Dust just accumulates and returns so quickly

And of course, don't use Zooms if possible in Dusty environments (unless of course this is the exact environment you specialize in, but then you may wish to have weather-sealed equipment).

As mentioned above, my AF-P 70-300mm is the worst, loads of dust inside the Barrel and showing en masse on the underside of the Glass. I wish there was a way I could clean it?

Yet even my Tokina 11-20mm, while a Zoom, but no moving exterior parts, has slight Dust inside I just noticed.

At the end of the day, going to be more careful from now on. At least try to. Sometimes we are just "on the road" so to speak and keeping our equipment wrapped in cotton wool (lint-free of course) just isn't going to happen. Dust is inevitable, but if we take more precautions then we can limit it. For some of us it's too late, for others, take heed...

All the best!

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