my father David whom many of you knew!

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Dave Jaseck
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my father David whom many of you knew!

Dear Members of the Photo Forum,

It is with such sadness that I let you know that my beloved Father & photographer-extraordinare, David Jaseck, passed away suddenly in May. I’ve only now been able to get to this point of posting this. But my Father LOVED this forum and was very active here! I used to visit him every single month for weeks at a time. My Dad was emphatically my best friend, my hero in the world, my digital guru, my photography teacher, my spiritual advisor, scuba diving buddy, He was my mentor on all things and the most important person in my life. He was the coolest person I knew.

He was so full of life, my Dad. And even in his later years, sometimes, it would take me aback at this vitality and energy present when I’d look into his eyes, his enthusiasm for all the ideas he wanted to share, his creativity, and clarity of mind. His very nature was one of joy, a certain light-heartedness that he brought to life.

He was the “original” cool Dad; denim jeans, flip flops, Raybans, cool music, airstream dreams, all the hippest gear, photographer, lifetime “Audiophile,” accomplished scuba diver, follower of the light, sun-worshipper, lover of tropical destinations. He had all the great stories, a passion, amazing sense of fun -- just his general way. Dad loved style and this showed up in the way he dressed and how he lived.  To me, Dad was a magical person. He always seemed to have something special -- a little “extra,” that he amazed with me regularly.

Dad always had a camera in his hands. It was a natural extension of himself. Photography & music ran through his veins like blood. As a visual person, it was through his lens that he saw the world, focused in on it, marveled at it, wanted to share the beauty or humor he saw with others. His passion started with a little Kodak Retina Camera my Mom gifted him for their wedding in 1953. As a photographer, he was completely self-taught (& this before the internet and GOOGLE), he picked up techniques so naturally/ easily, learning everything about film development, enlargement & printing, moving to digital photography, and post-processing. He was especially good at capturing people and nature.

I think Dad had a special relationship with “Eastman-Kodak.” He created thousands of photos, slides and enlargements. I discovered hundreds of pages he’d written, testing exposure times with various camera settings. It is said that mastery comes after only 10,000 hours of practice and this was evident in the time my father invested in his craft and his abilities. He amazed me with just how much he knew, how he was able to evolve his level of skill and also draw from old school, classic methods. He was so so technically savvy even now, showing me all kinds of techniques for my IPHONE and computer. When I look at his body of work now, wow, there is SO much there - So creative & beautiful.

He developed new photo post-processing techniques called “actions” which became famous in the photography online communities. (Not to worry — I’ve got these safe-guarded as I know what a treasure they are now especially)! He had thousands of likes to his videos & photographs, hundreds of followers and was respected by so many for the level of quality & creativity in his shows. Of course, everyone received his Christmas video cards with he & Drake.

As friends of his forum, I wanted to share a link to this video which I created for him. It tells the story of his life using some of his all time favorite music, some of his photographs, (alot of him with his camera gear. haha) and a bit of his humor as he had so much fun in life. Of course, my skill level is nothing like my Dad’s in creating video “shows” but for my Dad, I try anyway. I think it's fairly entertaining.


On his “VIMEO” site, there is also a link to his last show he edited called “Moments In Time,” a collection of some of his favorite photos from the past 60 years.


Lastly, this is the link to his photography gallery which I’ll be keeping up. I know it would make my Father so happy if you took a look once in a while. (Just click on cover photos to open galleries):

Thanks for reading this and for all the enjoyment you gave my father in this forum. He was a member for years! It was a way for him to stay engaged and challenged with an art form he loved so dearly.

If you need to reach me as the “holder” of his photographic legacy, I’ll share my email at:


Linda Jaseck (Youngest daughter of David and his biggest fan).

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