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Re: Maybe fixable

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Sony already knows about this problem and has already solved it.

This camera, like many others, has an anti flicker mode specifically for shooting under fluorescent lamps to avoid this problem. However, this doesn’t help you now!

Nice guess, but anti-flicker isn't available in silent mode.

It may be possible to remove this banding via an advanced (but well-established) technique known as the Fourier transform.

What do Fourier transforms have to do with this? This is the perfect example of tossing out a technical term solely because it sounds technical. Fourier transforms breaks the image down in frequency components, and is a component of noise reduction. You can't filter out 60 Hz sine wave "noise."

Ask your question over at the Photographic Science and Technology forum:

They'll argue this to death, never reaching a conclusion.

or maybe the Retouching forum:

Better, good guys

There might be folks who know about some free tools that can do this sort of thing relatively simply.


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