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rbdudeman wrote:

This forum is a wealth of knowledge and I figure I'd try asking for help. My Nikon d600 just went out on me at the start of my sons football season a few weeks ago. I purchased a Nikon d500 to replace it. My standard setup with the d600 was using Nikons 2.8 300mm. My nighttime settings that always worked well was going to manual setting with aperture at 2.8/ shutter at 800/ iso about 400. That was the gold standard for me to get great night time shots under the high school stadium lights.

I tried those settings and it was way too dark. I played around and got better results but ultimately after the first use they were still all mostly on the dark side. Settings were 2.8/ shutter 640/ iso around 1000. What do you think I could tweak to bring more light in?

That is my first problem, next is the full frame d600 vs. crop sensor the d500 has. It seems to be too much telephoto for me. My old setup worked great up and down the field of play but now as they get near the end zone I have to back up to the point where fans are standing in the foreground which ruins the pic. I have a 2.8 70-200mm but I love image quality of the 300mm.

My last question is for sports, those with the d500, what are your thoughts on all the focus menu options? Focus/release, 3d tracking, focus points, center weighted??? On and on. I really only use the camera for sports but I'm not that savvy of a photographer to know all the camera nuance's. With sports in mind, how would this community set the d5oo up?

Thank you so much for any and all your help:)

Could you post some comparative shots with full exif?

If it was the same stadium, you should get comparable results under the same lights, i.e if it you had enough light at f/2.8 1/800s ISO 400, you should be able to use those settings regardless of the camera.

How did you decide on f/2.8 1/800s ISO 400 with the D600? Was that consistent day to day or from match to match? Did you get those settings initially by metering?

Again, comparative shots will help!

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