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Re: Remove "Banding" in Photos

LundisPhoto wrote:

I tried it in Lightroom with the brush tool. Going over the blue darker strips with +29 Yellow and +0,76 exposure. Then after I boosted the full image with some more exposure. Looks a lot better. Still visiable. But will get away with it? Took me about 5-8 min to do it. Some images are too strong. Those will go in the bin...

Already quite an improvement.

But as D Cox says, don’t bin the bad ones; you might find a simpler solution, as e.g. per Marks idea.

Instead of +29 yellow, you could also try a relative temperature adjustment towards warm - that might also work with the difference between the different lights mid church and at the back.

Btw - are you in Sweden somewhere?

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...
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