How do photographers get FF equivalent pictures in M43?

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Re: How do photographers get FF equivalent pictures in M43?

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I apologize if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but one advanced way this is done is through the use of full frame DSLR lenses and speedboosters. Essentially a speedbooster is a piece of glass that reduces the size of the image circle from Full Frame to m43. This has the effect of giving the m43 camera the same field of view, depth of field and total light collected as the DSLR lens. So a 50/1.4 FF DSLR lens behaves as if it was a 25/0.7 m43 lens.

There's no 0.5x 'speed booster' available (apart from Pentax Q). Mostly they are 0.71x, so a 50/1.4 lens would be turned into a 35/1.0 lens, not a 25/0.7. Metabones does a 0.64x converter mFT (which is compatible with a limited range of lenses), which turns the 50/1.4 into a 32/0.9 lens. Note also that the converters are thensleves aperture limited, so can't take the f-number below some limit, however fast the attached lens. I can't remember exactly what that is, but don't expect it to go all the way down to f/0.7

The 0.64x XL is compatible with a huge number of 35mm SLR lenses - so not really much of a limitation. A number of DX/APS-C format lenses also work, depending on their image circle.

The 0.64x and 0.71x Speed Boosters are designed to be fully compatible with f/1.2 lenses. The only lens where the aperture limitation comes into play is the Canon 50mm f/1.0. The reason for imposing the limitation is that otherwise the rear element of the Speed Booster would become too large to be generally compatible with most lenses due to mechanical interference issues.

Impressive piece of work, Brian.

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