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Re: Beginning into photography

Hight Fly wrote:

Hi everyone,

After a few day of thinking, without answering some of your posts, I have made quite a few decisions.

But first and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you for your dedication, the time you spent debating and giving me advices. I listened to all of them and that is why I have decided to maka new thread, this time clearly saying in the title I have a Nikon D300.

Indeed, I have listened to @PhotoTeach2, and you actually broadened my horizons regarding the topic of cameras, and actually helped me to make my decision: I won't spend 600€ on a lens, especially if I'm a beginner. It indeed was more the debate we had in this topic.

I fully support "accepting" the FREE D-300.  (why not LOL)

And you can "learn" on it with ANY lens, and ANY lens can take good/great images.

And as discussed, I anxiously await what Nikon (& Canon) will release in the ML line as that will be a BIG factor in how well ML is accepted in the future, (and thus impact the future resale value of dSLR cameras, AND LENSES).

If Nikon/Canon can EQUAL the Sony A7-A9, then I predict a (relatively) rapid shift to ML, (because they can have options/features/advantages not-possible on dSLR because of their inherent "mirror" limitations).

I'll link the topic here, and there will be changes to my questions, because I now have new ones.

Thanks again to everyone,

See you on my other thread!



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