More accolades for the Canon 6D II...

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Re: More accolades for the Canon 6D II...

I too am enjoying mine.  A few  things that I am liking:

- Servo AF tracks better and more accurately and sticks better on targets than my 1DIV.

- Built in intervalometer allows exposure adjustments between shots.  Yay!!!!!

- Built in timelapse move mode can do quick and dirty (but easy!) bulb ramping timelapses.

- The body size is perfect and about as small as I would like to go for prolonged shooting.

- Touchscreen; super useful!

- Lack of DR:  haven't found this function yet.  Mist be buried in the menus.  Except that the menus are easy to navigate...

- Build quality: not up to 1D bodies but very solid and just feels right.

- Colour = great.

- Feels very quick and responsive whether changing settings, swiping through images or doing about anything.

So far so good and it gets a thumbs up from me.  Oh, and video has never been so easy!!!  Even if it is 1080 mush (according to the internet).

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