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Re: "bullied"? ... ((chuckle)) + (sigh)

jshen808 wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

RibotRobot wrote:

... So I say, "I'm spending 5K, I did buy right away the 16-35 when I saw it and I currently have in my hand a defective piece of glass so forgive me if this time I'm cautious and asking for support.". He basically bullies me, starts talking over me and tells me to buy the A7rIII, that I am basically wasting his time.
My phone call was very direct and short, like 1'30". This person was not interested in dealing with me at all, apparently a customer who's in the market for a $5K purchase is not something is worth spending time at all.

Stop using using words such as "bullied" when in fact you weren't even close to being remotely bullied. You're reminding me of too many university students who need a safe-space to protect them from their already relatively easy going life. When some 320lb brute of near solid muscle stands over you in an intimidating manner.... then you're being bullied. You were just spoken rudely to, and that's going by your assertion which is suspect going by the way you use the word "bullied".

What exactly did you want the salesperson to do for you? Test the lot of used lenses using objective testing? In most cases at most stores and outlets, that isn't going to happen. Return the lens and try again, or go with a different shop. Just keep your expectations (and claims of mistreatment) reasonable and in-line with reality.

..Ohh Really???

..So, you KNOW exactly how someone FEELS..

..Are you Psychic?

..the NEXT time you feel "something", just tell yourself, it must NOT be REAL.


Facts don’t care about feelings. Just because someone feels a certain way doesn’t mean they are correct. Someone treating you rudely and you being bullied are two very different things. So far the only thing I would suspect *based on the information provided* is a clash between a customer having unreasonable expectations, regarding the lens and camera inquiries, and a typically impatient and blunt NYer. In the end we will never know what happened because none of us were witnesses to the event.

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