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What Did You Want From Him?

RibotRobot wrote:

Hi Guys,

My account is new, but I've been reading the forum for a long time. I'm also a big fan of photography and gear...like many of you I am addicted

I want to share the experience I had today with Adorama, an online store I used to really like! I am a Sony shooter, and I just purchased a used (E+ condition) Sony Fe16-35mm f2.8 from them. Unfortunately, the lens is a bad copy as it is super soft wide open. Even stopped down it still can't resolve properly. Still, this lens is marked as E+ condition, so I would expect it to work properly (It's a 2K lens after all).

So I decide to exchange it. Being a used lens I know I would have to spend a bit more, I am not crazy about the idea of going through the process of exchanging it but after all, I like the 16-35mm so I am willing to give it another shot after all the good reviews found online. So I email their customer service, which just sends me a return label.

I am also in the market for a Sony A7rIII, and I see they have a bunch of them in "Demo" condition, so I decide to give them a call and maybe get some advice on the condition of both the "Demo" Sony A7rIIIs and FE 16-35 f2.8s. After speaking with a person from the return department I get transferred to the sale department.

NOTE: I just spend 2K on a lens labeled as E+ which was just a terrible copy, yet I am willing to spend extra money with them to buy another 16-35 and an A7rIII. this adds up to over $4500!

The sale department guy checks the availability for the two 16-35mm f2.8 they have and tells me they're not available anymore (even if I was on the website at the same time looking at them, I could even put them in the cart....). Ok, no problem...so I inquire regarding the A7rIII, his response is "You need to buy it, I'm telling you to do you a favor, when you see this stuff just buy it right away".
Now, I know these product are "hot" right now, but they had at least 4 16-35 on sale for the past 5 days and a lot of A7rIII (like 5+). These are 2-3K pieces which are popping up and selling often...what is this person trying to tell me???

So I say, "I'm spending 5K, I did buy right away the 16-35 when I saw it and I currently have in my hand a defective piece of glass so forgive me if this time I'm cautious and asking for support.". He basically bullies me, starts talking over me and tells me to buy the A7rIII, that I am basically wasting his time.
My phone call was very direct and short, like 1'30". This person was not interested in dealing with me at all, apparently a customer who's in the market for a $5K purchase is not something is worth spending time at all.

I used to recommend Adorama to friends and do business with them....after this I think I changed my mind.

Do any of you guys had any similar experience?

As for the purchases, what exactly did you want from him? Ok, the lens you got is defective. So, exchange or return it, and then move on. The same with a camera if you are still interested and decide to buy one. What's the problem?

As for him being rude, speak to a higher up in the company and complain about that as a separate issue. That said, I have to wonder if maybe you are simply taking the often impatient and bluntly honest NYC attitude a little too personally. Be honest now, could he have simply been saying what he felt he needed to say with no intention to cause offense?

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