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Re: what would YOU expect?

jshen808 wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

Bag of Rocks wrote:

tko wrote:

What kind of advice did you want on the used items? A personal test of the sharpness? Even if you could touch them, feel them, smell them, you still couldn't tell if they were sharp.

So exactly what did you expect a salesman with 5 minutes to kill to achieve for you?

If his expectations were as low as your, not much!

How 'bout answering the question... which is basically what would you expect a salesperson to do for you over the course of about 5 minutes over the telephone. Obviously the question wasn't predicated on tko's "expectations" but rather the OP's.

So, what would YOU expect from a salesperson in that situation w/in a 5 minute time frame?

..the salespersons "job" is to make the customer "happy" and to become a "repeat" customer..

..and not to "p*ss" off the customer, telling everyone of the "sh*tty" experience he's had, and not to ever return again..


Nice job putting it in extremely simple terms even a stunningly dense person can understand (hopefully!).

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