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Pentax and Sports

There is a heavily repeated narrative online that Pentax cameras can't shoot sports, however this narrative constantly leaves out the real meaning of this. You see Pentax cameras can most definitely shoot sports, I've shot beach volleyball, figure 8 racing, ice hockey, ball hockey, Aussie rules football, motocross, skateboard/BMX park and Red Bull air races, maybe other stuff I can't recall too. The thing is Pentax cameras can't shoot sports at the same level as other brands especially other brands top of the line designed for sports models but this doesn't mean they can't shoot sports at all! So if those who constantly repeat the narrative would qualify it by saying "Pentax can't shoot sports as well as" or "Pentax shouldn't be the first or even the second choice camera for a professional sports photographer" then there is no reason to complain. When pressed those that repeat this narrative tend to finally qualify that its not the brand a professional should use. However the vast majority of those who read these overly repeated narratives aren't professionals and don't care to be professionals and the professionals already know not to use Pentax for their sports work so they don't need to be told. So what is the real purpose of these negative narratives? 1) To continually bash and beat down the brand. 2) To convince people who've diluted themselves into thinking that they need professional sports gear that Pentax is not the brand for them, however most would be no worse off with Pentax IMO. 3) Some people like to kick the weak when they're down, its easy to bash a weak brand and get away with it, its not so easy to bash a sports capable giant.

All of the above!

So I totally disagree with the broad narrative that Pentax cameras can't shoot sports. Because this narrative is overly repeated without qualification I'll keep using the brand for sports and posting the results as a counter rebuttal to this narrative. The proof is in the final product, not the unqualified babble we see all over the internet!

So in that spirit here are 8 galleries from recent sporting events...

Beach Volleyball Ontario Championships
Sigma 100-300mm F4.0 EX DG @ F4.0

Mens Bronze Game

Womens Bronze Game

Mens Gold Game

Womens Gold Game

I will admit a fast(er) to acquire focus lens, a wider angle and a faster burst rate would have helped in beach volleyball. However those limitations didn't stop me from obtaining results I can be proud of! Maybe I'll borrow a 55-300PLM for next time.

Aussie Rules Football

Game 1, first half, Womens League, Using the Sigma 500mm F4.5 @ F5.6:

Game 1, second half, Womens League, Using the Sigma 100-300mm F4.0 @ F4.0:

Game 2, first half, Division 1 League, Using the Pentax 55-300mm PLM:

Game 2, Second half, Division 1 League, Using the Sigma 500mm F4.5 @ F5.6:

So the next time you see the narrative of Pentax can't shoot sports with no other qualification know that it is utter babble, a waste of bandwidth, words without value, total junk! Of course Pentax cameras can shoot sports! Just as most any camera can! Certainly not well enough for a pro, but who here is a pro or is trying to be a pro sports shooter? I doubt anyone is!

So for those hobbyists out there, if you want to shoot sports with your Pentax camera, go for it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise because they don't know what they're talking about! Don't let anyone tell you what can and can't be done unless they qualify it for your purposes!

Shoot to enjoy and enjoy to shoot!

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