Why phones are becoming better faster than cameras?

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Why phones are becoming better faster than cameras?


I have an old automatic compact camera, so maybe it’s one of the reason I have bad results sometimes, but I also look at other cameras review and photos.

My thread is about phone cameras becoming better each year compared to cameras.

I travelled for 2 weeks and I had my old compact camera and my iPhone 8 and I used my phone 98% of the time to take pictures.

I’m not sure why camera manufacturers are so slow to improve camera technology? I know it take times to improve and make new sensors and lenses, but in term of software, I think they are behind current phones.

For example, phones are taking great pictures out of the box without actually going into settings. There is some apps to change things manually, but in general, auto-mode on phone is better than auto-mode on camera because of the better software improving pictures when you take them.

Phones have :

- Auto white balance

- Fast auto HDR

- Portrait mode (certain models)

- Great focus

- Great in dark place or night

- 4K video, slow motion, etc.

The only bad thing I found with my iPhone 8 experience on my trip is the zoom. The digital zoom look ok in camera, but when watching on PC it’s ugly.

the only reason now why I want a camera is for a better zoom.

So my question is why camera makers are so slow at making great software?


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