RX10 IV Photographer's Guide

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Re: RX10 IV Photographer's Guide

Stevejd4 wrote:

sgitlin wrote:

Thanks guys! I hadn't seen the Friedman book, and that also looks interesting. A 677 page book definitely doesn't make the camera seem very self-intuitive

I like the idea that both books are available on Kindle, and can easily be taken with me when shooting.


As you will have gathered from the other posters here, this is a oowerful camera with a huge amount of versatility and configureability hence the 677 page manual! To get the best out if it you simply HAVE to set up the fn menu and the other configurable settings to suit your needs and habits; Otherwise you will end up as some others have, saying it's no good - too complicated! Have fun learning your way around it!

I can't claim to know anywhere near as much as I need to yet but I DO know the potential is all there do do anything I might want it to!


I'll add, not only do you need to customize the FN menu, you also need to set up the My Menu, which is not available on earlier versions of the RX10, nor is it available on RX100s prior to the RX100VI. Sony's APS-C mirrorless cameras don't have My Menu yet, but the more recent mirrorless FF models do.

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