Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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Re: Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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I'm always amused by the horror that some express about the possibility of getting "wrong" information from sites like CiC, and the necessity of unlearning it all. -As if any other subject was immune from a range of opinions.

Unlearning is much harder than learning. Once you've internalised a faulty conceptual framework, dismantling it and starting again from scratch is really, really difficult. That is a major source of the disputes here, that there are many who find that so hard that they would rather argue that black is white than do it.

The really interesting thing about this discussion about CIC is no-one seems to dispute that it's wrong about many of the fundamentals, they just want to argue that that doesn't matter.

Having read the CiC treatment of ISO, I can understand your irritation when ISO control is presented as boosting the sensitivity of the sensor and increasing the noise. However as a "first pass" at learning the camera settings, I see no harm in this, and there's plenty of opportunity to learn the details.

CiC considers the camera as a "black box" with a handy ISO control for what looks very much like sensitivity. In contrast, a beginner hoping to find information on ISO might look at Wikipedia and come away rather confused... (for example).

Maybe a parallel would be consisting of the that entry-level Physics students learn celestial mechanics (including relativistic considerations) when simple Newtonian equations would do the job.

Were it only 'ISO' that CIC gets wrong. It also gets exposure, aperture and diffraction wrong, to name but 3. There are some pages that don't contain gross errors, but they are relatively few. Errors would not be so serious were it not a site devoted to the technical side of photography. Your comparison with teaching physics is,quite misleading。Within its limits, Newtonian mechanics provides a good predictor of the behaviour of the universe. That's not the case for the nonsense in CIC. It's quite simply wrong. Nor is it any simpler or easier to understand than the correct information.

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