Going from Canon S95 to Sony RX100

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Going from Canon S95 to Sony RX100

I have had a Canon S95 for the last 6+ years and it still works very well. Still looks almost new too because I keep it in a little soft case when it is in my pocket. I see that the RX100 is available now for about $368 from most places so I am thinking of getting one.

They have a similar lens: RX100 28-100mm f1.8-4.9 lens and S95 28-105mm f2-4.9. Of course, the RX100 has the Sony 1" 20mp sensor and the S95 has the Sony 1/1.7" 10mp sensor so that is the most important difference (and the only reason I am thinking of getting the RX100). After looking at the DXOMark measurements for both it looks like the RX100 is about 2 stops better for noise and dynamic range and that is what I want.

Has anyone here owned both? I can look at specs and I can look at DXOMark and I can read reviews, but nothing beats hearing from the experience of people who have used both. How is the RX100 AF speed, lock on, etc. in both good light and poor light? How is the RX100 in use (controls, etc.)? Any other comments?

My S95 is not my main camera and the RX100 would also not be my main camera so I don't need it to be super duper and do everything well. Basically I want something that is at least as good as the S95 in all ways except have a sensor that has lower noise at higher ISO and better dynamic range.

By the way, I know that there are higher level RX100 models, the Canon G9XII, G7XII, Panasonic models, etc. that also have the 20mp 1" sensor. I don't want to spend much money on this though since it is just a camera that I occasionally carry in my pocket when I don't want to take one of my other cameras. Also, I want something small and close to the size of the S95. Sometimes I go weeks without using it at all. Also, I want one that is about as small as my S95. The RX100 is slightly bigger and a bit heavier, but not much.

Thanks to everyone for your help!

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Henry Richardson

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