Lens for the Sony A7iii - all primes or 1 zoom?

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Re: Lens for the Sony A7iii - all primes or 1 zoom?

lightspeakers121 wrote:

I think i'm finally ready to buy the sony a7iii soon, but i would like some opinions.

im in between purchasing all primes, or 1 zoom. i was thinking of primes because they are lighter in weight, but the only down side is i would have to change the lens pretty often (maybe) and i would need to carry around multiple lens for a shoot. i currently own a 24-70mm (canon 5dm3) and honestly it's the only lens i use for shoots (blogger/ portraiture for clients - but it also serves me for personal use as well)

so a few things that i would like to know specifically about for these lenses for the sony a7iii e mount lenses:

28mm f2

50mm f1.8

85mm f/1.8

1) would this selection be suffice for let's say... (photography portion) portraits of any kind? engagements, blogs, family etc

2) would this be useful for videography? ranging from: vlogging, engagement videos, and travel style videos? i would like to get the 16-35mm for travel type videos but it's pretty pricey for a small area in which i would actually need that lens.

3) are these specific lenses i mentioned fast and good for VIDEO specifically? (auto focus? like if i had it set to follow someone's face, or a moving animal while i was also moving, are these lenses good or do they have a "not so good" rep to them for the uses i intend to use them for?)

4) another thing to note, does anyone know if the distortion is extra bad on any of these lenses? since i would like to rely heavily on this camera for video - it's important to me that these lenses are useful for videos as well.

5) would it be better to get 1 zoom lens, or 3~ prime lenses? what im hoping for is that... these prime lenses are better in quality than any zoom lens with the only downside being i have to use different lenses (but maybe the quality of these prime lenses isnt that good as a well made zoom?). please keep in mind, having it light weight is important to me since i will be planning to use a stabilizer (like the z crane or something)

6) any other lenses you would recommend for videos (vlogging, travel, animals, fashion, etc) AND / OR photography?

These three (28, 50, 85) primes will suffice for most of the time, however my suggestion will be to get a 50-ish (if possible 55/1.8ZA) and a normal-ish zoom (20mm to 100mm) range. 55 will cover general photography and zoom will cover everything else for a long time.

If you're into street photography also get a 28mm or 35mm prime, or if you're into portraits mainly get 85mm prime. This makes 1-2 primes and a zoom.

You can continue to buy primes as you go down the road.

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