pixel size on aps-c 24 mp sensor

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Re: pixel size on aps-c 24 mp sensor

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Hi, Im just starting out in photography and I would like to know what is the pixle size, or how to calculate it for 24,2 mp (6000x4000px) sensor on nikon d 5300 (sensor size is 23,5x15,6 mm). Thank you all for your advice.


Actual pixel size might be a tad smaller, but thanks to the micro lenses array, equivalent pixel pitch is not far from that.

You can - conservatively - use that value as circle of confusion diameter for depth of field calculations.

Circle of confusion has nothing useful to do with pixel pitch. There is nothing that forces a COC to be centred on a pixel. COC diameter depends on intended viewing distance, observer's visual acuity, and enlargement ratio (viewing size : sensor size).

This used to be the case when cameras did not have pixels.

Having pixels doesn't really change things at all.

Now many cameras and DoF calculators offer two option for CoC - one is the old CoC called "sharp print", "film-based" etc and it is 0.02 mm for an APS-C sensor regardless of its megapixel count. The other one is "sharp image", "pixel-based" and it is a function of the number of pixels. It is 0.0095 mm for a 16 Mpx and 0.0078 mm for a 24 Mpx APS-C sensor. The latter CoC is double the pixel pitch.

The fact that some people have added another way of deciding a CoC doesn't really change things, they could just have easily used a CoC based on average film grain size, and it would have been just as silly.

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