Lots of lenses aggregated sharpness scores

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Lots of lenses aggregated sharpness scores

*** If you think that MTF and sharpness tests are worthless then stop reading now ***

There are several review sites which do sharpness tests. The problem is that they typically test only one copy of each lens and (sometimes) they do not consistently test on the same camera, which makes comparison between lenses impossible.

I have collated a LOT of test scores now and mashed them together using regression-type techniques to get the test scores on a kind of consistent basis, so we have MTF curves for a few samples of each lens, which (hopefully) are a bit more reliable.

You can probably come up with a lot of reasons why what I have done is flawed (so can I) so feel free to bore everyone witless with a explanation of the methodological problems in your replies - I will probably agree with everything you say, but I have always wondered what these results would show so I am sharing them.

The sharpness scale of zero to 120 means nothing - its just an arbitrary scaling so you can compare the scores across lenses. The blue line is the centre and the grey line the corners. The orange line is a bit tricky to interpret because different sites use different terminology for the 'middle' measurement - one site calls it "border" and another calls it "partway" and another calls it "2/3" etc.

Don't get too forensic with the numbers. Yes, they sometimes go up and down in odd ways - that's statistics for you. I have left some lenses in with only one sample. You should obviously take the lenses with less samples more carefully than the lenses with more.

Lensrentals does tests with a bunch of samples, and that is fantastic data, but its almost entirely done with the lens wide open so it does not help with showing the capabilities of lenses stopped down (this is very important for the Loxia lenses, which a designed for stopped down landscape etc work). The data shown here is not nearly as high quality as Lensrentals - I have just mashed stuff of mixed quality together in the hope that it might average out to something meaningful.

I have left the top scale at 120 even though some lenses go above that - I am just sceptical of those scores.

I have shown all of the data here - if your lens is not here then I don't have data for it. If there is enough interest I will update the charts periodically as more data becomes available.

The test sites are: camerastuffreview, dxomark, Ephotozine, photographylife, Photozone.de, traumflieger, focus-numerique

They are all pretty neat sites with lots of good info. I would like to use the data on pcworld.com as well but its just a mess.

Yes, "I have too much time on my hands". I've said it now so you don't have to!

16-21 mm

24-28 mm

35 mm

50 mm

70 mm

85 mm

100-135 mm

200+ mm

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