This whole tech specs race is getting insane...

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Re: This whole tech specs race is getting insane...

Austin7642 wrote:

Seriously, I was just thinking about this the other day. The Sony Ar7III was released this year, the D850 in 2017 and the 5D IV in 2016. Each camera at its release was considered the best on the market. It's only been two years since the 5DIV came out and I see so many photogs obsessed with specs bashing Canon and their cameras/ sensors to death. Now that both Canon and Nikon are coming out with FF mirrorless bodies, it's like the war/ debate has been accelerated and I am left scratching my head, confused. Besides being able to know your exposure in real time via the viewfinder, what exactly else is a ff mirrorless camera supposed to provide a D850 or 5DIV does not? The weight difference is marginal and a few extra megapixels does not really make a huge difference either.

But New and Shiny is great! Especially to a certain type of consumer.

And, speaking as a marketing person, how am I going to get the latest Bentley unless all you guys continue to contribute to my car fund?

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