FZ50...still a capable camera! Macro/Close up images.

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FZ50...still a capable camera! Macro/Close up images.

My FZ50 might be an old FZ model camera! but it is still capable of producing pleasing images. I use the FZ50 for macro/close up subjects, coupled to a Raynox 250 close up lens. I might use the Raynox 150 for larger subjects, or even a Polaroid 500D close up filter/lens. Also, i sometimes "stack" both Raynox 250 an 150 together.

But for 99% of the time, my FZ50 has the Raynox 250 attached. I always use on board camera flash too, with various types of home made Pringles tube diffussers.

Again, for 99% of the time, my camera settings remain the same.

I always shoot in Manual Mode, at F11 1/200 ISO 100. AF Macro Setting. Hand held, Jpeg. Basic editing.

Whilst the FZ50 is quite capable of cropping into an image, an still retaining a good quality outcome, these days, if i can, i like to try to capture the image, without any cropping at all.

All comments welcome an encouraged.

As explained on my Panny FZ150 Butterfly thread, i never upload large files, i always re-size down for Web use.

Some examples, cheers Paul.

Jumping Spider. Garden photo. Cropped image. Usual camera settings.

Red Mason Bee, on a closed Daisy. Garden Photo. Image is not cropped.

Queen Wasp preening. Garden Photo. Image is not cropped.

Red Mason Bee. Garden Photo. Image is cropped some.

Jumping Spider with its Prey. Image is cropped some.

Small Crab type Spider. Garden photo. Image is not cropped.

Juvenile Common Lizard. Image is not cropped.

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