The future of third party dslr lens companies

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Re: A possibly more interesting topic: In Camera Lens corrections

73Instamatic wrote:

KWNJr wrote:

A more and more lenses are made with in camera lens corrections, will it be harder or cost more for third party lenses to work with cameras?

If the corrections are proprietary, third parties will have to make lenses that do not depend on in camera lens corrections. This will be harder and cost more; and may result in larger and heavier lenses.

The lenses that need in camera lens correction will be harder to adapt to other mounts and cameras. Eventually, it may only be third party lenses that may be adapted to various mounts and cameras; with out loosing IQ.

You would expect that the license to produce lenses for the camera/system would (probably) include information on how to participate in that feature?

Also, if that becomes a really prominent part of the camera design, that I'd bet eventually there would be a way for the lens to communicate back with the camera and load it's "profile" (metrics, lookup tables, correction algorithms, whatever) on demand. Similar in principle to when you plug a USB device into a PC it has to load a "USB driver" for the device the first time.

Anyway, I don't see how it would benefit any current camera manufacturer to lock down their system, and restrict the number of lenses available for it?

It's not that they would "lock down their system" as you put it.  3rd party lenses could still be used but such lenses would have to be of the 'old type' i.e. relying on optical, rather than software correction.

And that would make them bigger and heavier, as well as probably more expensive than the camera manufacturers' own lenses. In that case some consumers may still buy them because of their 'optical' purity. Maybe.  But for the larger market that's likely to result in considerably reduced sales volume.

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