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John Sheehy wrote:

I've had this tab open for weeks; it's about time I posted it.

Zeee wrote:

BirdShooter7 wrote:

How much better are their shots after the switch?

Switch to the 1DX II? From posts here and other sites over the years. The 7D2 is no comparison. The 1DX II never misses.

Undoubtedly, with the same optics. The 1DxII is faster and recognizes the newer TCs which Canon has decided to allow faster AF with, and probably "sees" focus better, too, in less contrast and less ideal lighting, especially at f/8. The area of question, IMO, is how much better it is in seeing focus at f/8 with a 1.4x than the 7D2 is at seeing focus at f/5.6, which represents a roughly similar FOV and pixel density on-subject (a 1.6x TC would fit that bill perfectly). Even with the 1.4x, the 1DxII only puts 78% as many pixels on subject.

If there had been a 20+ MP APS-C "1DxII", AF-wise, I would have owned it since it was released. I personally have little tolerance for pixelated undersampling and color channel aliasing, which is why I haven't bothered to get a 1DxII. If I shot only larger, closer birds and other animals, then the 1DxII would clearly be beneficial in every way, but I shoot mostly where I still crop my compositions from APS-C with 560 or 800mm.

To me, practical relative AF ability of cameras is not at a certain f-number, but with a certain effective pixel density (where a 1.4x doubles it effectively, etc). In my world, you don't get away with showing an image that is visually sharper and cleaner, and crediting the camera with those benefits, when the subject is shown smaller at 100% because of larger pixels (or effectively larger ones from not using a TC).

Canon slows down AF speed with a 1.4 (50%) and 2X (75%). The 1DXII does not suffer this. Another reason I'm look at a 1DX II. I can get BIF with the 2X III but you have to work for it.

If you use the 1.4x with the 7D2, instead, you get more pixels-on-subject than with the 1DxII and the 2x, and with half the ISO on the 7D2. Why people need to be reminded of this boggles the mind.

I"m fully aware of this. I'm not talking about that. I'm saying AF struggles with the 2X and BIF on both my 5D4 and 7D2. Response is fast for static objects but BIF the lag time makes it challenging.

On another note. A discussion about 7D2 and 1DX. A person's opinion but I found it interesting.

Without that, though, it's hard to imagine giving up the 1DX2 for anything. I would give the 1DX2 a go before switching to anything or hoping for a 7D3. Your comment of "I need the crop sensor" was me before the 1DX2. A crop from the 1DX2 far exceeds anything I got from a native 7D2 image.


I use a 400/4 lens right now, but I could see using a razor-sharp, heavily-diffraction-limited 280/2.8 in the future, instead, if pixel density were high enough, because of fast AF potential at f/2.8. There is a spectrum of AF speed and accuracy at wide-open f-numbers, but since pixel density is variable, the road to lots of pixels-on-subject with maximal AF ability is paved with very small pixels, at least for current OVF-based PDAF. If I could stick a 1" 30MP sensor with a global shutter or a very fast rolling electronic or curtain one, I'd do it in a heartbeat, and leave the TC off my 400/4, or use 1.4x instead of 2x, and I would likely never need to stack 1.4x and 2x together, and lose AF completely.

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