Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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tedolf wrote:

j_eldritch wrote:

I've got some down time at the moment between jobs. I'm new to photography but I've been getting very into it recently, so I'm going to spend the time learning. I plan on treating it like a 9-5 day for the most part (though I've got a couple of other creative projects on the go too).

Take an art, painting or drawing class so that you learn something about composition and lighting.

What would you recommend me, a complete beginner, to do for three weeks to progress my photography as much as possible?

If you are not willing to make that investment, go to the art museum and look at paintings in your genre so that you can see how the masters approached composition, posing and lighting.

I was thinking of doing an online course like this or getting and following an introductory book (this is about what my budget stretches to). However, I'd love to hear recommendations from some more experienced photographers. What do you wish you had done right at the start? Is there a course, book or exercise you'd recommend?

Books are fine but physically being in a class forces you to pay attention. Also, you will learn a lot from the answers to the other students' questions.

Try your local community college.


Unfortunately I'm living in a very small town at the moment, so a photography class is out of the question. I like the idea of doing an online course though for the same reasons, because it'd give me the chance to learn from other students' questions and to ask my own, while giving me a set thing to do each day. However, I'm planning on signing up for a photography class when I move.

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