Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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Re: Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

grsnovi wrote:

You might also methodically go through your camera's manual and use/investigate EVERY feature/function that it offers. It probably isn't as important as the "daily project" idea but I know there are things about my cameras that I'm clueless about because I have approached digital as just being a camera to replace the film camera that I learned on 50 years ago - possibly not the best approach.

Thanks, I've definitely got a lot left to learn about what my camera can do. I'll give myself a good amount of time to deep dive into the manual.

Once you understand the shutter/aperture/iso relationship (and lighting) it tends to become more about composition and then shooting a lot.

If there is a particular "style" of photographer that you aspire to, you might spend some time studying one or two photographers that you admire to determine what it is about their photographs that makes them special to you.

Thanks. I've been doing this a lot recently, while in bed recovering from surgery. I've made a bookmark list of photographers and photographs I really like and I've spent time thinking about what I like about them, what works technically and what extra ingredient they've got that makes them special. While my analysis is obviously quite simplistic at the moment, I think it's helped me a lot to think about what I want to do.

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