Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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Re: Photo School (Freeman) + Make a Project + The Strobist

TacticDesigns wrote:

1) IMHO, get Photo School by Michael Freeman.

This book looks really good, thanks for the recommendation. I like the way he writes a lot, it's really clear but doesn't try and dumb it down. I'll get this book!

2) Make a project for yourself to accomplish.

IMHO the thing about reading about photography is that you can read something, but not really learn something.

But creating a project (such as deciding to take a series of (self) portrait pictures, or still life pictures or a series of pictures about the colour green, for instance, it will force you to actually use your camera and try to achieve your goal.

If you run into trouble, it will point out areas that you need to learn / improve . . . so you can search for an answer or come here to ask for help.

But . . . in the end . . . once you have completed your project, I believe that you will have learned something, because you were forced to in order to finish your project.

Aye, I was wondering by asking about 'course books' whether there's anything out there that has information on fundamental principles hand-in-hand with practical exercises to go out and take shots to. But I can also just go and do my own project!

3) Check out "The Strobist" and off-camera flash.

IMHO . . . good to know about this before you get into things.

Either you get interested in it or you don't. But . . . at least you know about it.

Take care & Happy Shooting!


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