Why I love the flip and rotate screen vs the simply flip

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Re: Why I love the flip and rotate screen vs the simply flip

jennajenna wrote:

Tommi K1 wrote:


When does the side articulating screen come better?

  • When you shoot above your head vertically and downwards about 45-50 degrees.
  • When you shoot on ground level (camera on ground basically) and camera is vertically positioned and pointing 20-30 degrees upwards.

And in in such cases, turn On the WiFi for remote release with Live View, pull smartphone out of pocket and use it as a screen in front of your face nicely for accurate framing etc.
It is just so much easier to get tilting screen than go for side articulating for very few niche cases where it would benefit and otherwise be just on the way.


  • Less risky to get damaged (better protection by being behind the camera than extended out)"

Uhm no. You get safer transportation because you can fully place the screen to face inside the camera.

I'm always amazed how people think they know something is better when they've never actually tried it.

I have both. The full is more useful and safer.

I agree: I have both and overall the FAS has been more useful although I do prefer the tilt screen for street photography.  As for using a phone instead of an FAS screen, there's the issue of pairing the devices, lag, and having to hold two devices unless you're going to put the camera on a tripod or the phone on the ground (if that's even an option).

My FAS screen is also folded in toward the camera's body 99% of the time for protection, too.  My EVF is used almost exclusively.

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