Why I love the flip and rotate screen vs the simply flip

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Re: Plug in articulations

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Tommi K1 wrote:

Ab Latchin wrote:

I was shooting the other day on set and had to get some top view shots.

Well, up I pop onto a step latter and reach over the shot... between the IBIS and the screen I was good to go.

Risking life and limb for the shot!

If camera manufacturers should so something, it is to copy the Fuji X-T2 screen. It is best that there is ever made.

Don’t need it - that screen is for FAS enthusuasts only who need FAS on steriods. In one blow you take a simple tilt and add yet another complication.

The best solution is to make the screen a plug in - then users could specify which type of articulation suited them for any camera - they could even have both types optionally and just plug in the one that suited on the day.

quoted for wrongness. full flip adds huge measure of screen protection when turning it inward.

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