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NikonNature wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

NikonNature wrote:

A new car might have blue tooth, a navigation system, and a rear camera, but you don't need any of that to drive and a ten year old car that's free is hard to beat.

Do you have a "problem" w/ blue-tooth, navigation, or rear-camera ???

I don't have a "problem" with them, for someone just learning to drive they are unnecessary.

But "learning" to drive is only the "first" day.  (ok I am exaggerating and it takes longer than "one" day to learn to drive -- and I have seen many on the road that still can't -- LOL).

But after the "first" day, then all the above becomes valuable and nice to have, (on a car).

I suggest "learning" photography, used to take a LONG time.  Don't know about you but I started with a "Weston Master" (light-meter).  I do NOT think learning exposure w/ dSLR is better than when I had to use (handheld) light-meter.  I felt I learned much more and faster then than w/ (dSLR).

But I feel ML and "zebras", are better/faster than dSLR method -- and maybe even better than "hand-held" because you can literally see each individual pixel and how it impacts the sensor and then make a decision to allow to saturate of not.

The question/issue here is spending the SAME MONEY ($600+) for a lens for a 10-yo camera, (w/ none of the above), or the SAME MONEY for a camera w/ all the above.

The D300 is a fantastic camera

It was the best-camera on the market 10-years ago when introduced, (using 60+yo "mirror" technology). I recommended it to many people at that time.

and a great tool to learn on.

But (any) Mirror-Less can be better than (any) dSLR to "learn" on. Do you have a problem w/ a direct-visual-feedback when making exposure/WB adjustments/corrections ???

It has excellent external controls that minimize the need to dive into menus.

I agree with that, but the same can apply to many ML. The same can apply to FZ, (or even RX), if all you want to do is "basic" stuff.

QUESTION for you ... w/ D300 can you adjust "A", "SS", and "EC" w/ ONE FINGER w/out removing your eye from the viewfinder ... (and no menu) ???

Nope 2 fingers - you got me. Can you put a 150-600mm on your fz1000 then switch to an ultrawide for landscapes?

Of course ... but not limited to 150-600.  I regularly shoot from 12mm to 3200mm-EFL and can reach each of those extremes in 5 seconds.  (Can you ???)

Albeit the 12 to 24mm-EFL is w/ Raynox 5062.

And from 400-600 to 3200-4800mm-EFL would be w/ digital-zoom.

FZ-1000 = 25-400mm-EFL (@ f/2.8-4)

FZ-2500 = 25-480mm-EFL

FZ-300 = 24-600mm-EFL (@ f/2.8 constant aperture)

RX10-"III" & "IV" = 24-600mm-EFL (@ f/2.4-4)

Nikon P-900 = 24-2000mm-EFL

Nikon P-1000 = 24-3000mm-EFL

The "thumb" when is quite unique on the FZ-1000 as it changes functions to what is specifically needed for each mode.

program "P" mode = EC & "P-shift"

aperture priority "A" mode = "A" and EC

shutter-priority "S" mode = "S" and EC

manual mode = "A" and "S"

You immediately know which the thumb-wheel is set to is by the (brightest) illuminated display.  And you know when EC is preset because it is a (bright) YELLOW.

So it is very simple and fast to adjust with only "thumb", (and you "push" to toggle it to other functions.

Much faster and intuitive than having to "move" (two) fingers to separate knobs, (that you can't see).

You can w/ FZ. ONE "thumb" wheel can immediately do whatever needed w/out taking your eye away.

12mp is fine.

I agree, (FZ/RX is 20mpx but 12 is "enough").

People shot weddings with that camera! You can use it like a point and shoot, or in full manual,

Same with FZ/RX ... I have shot weddings, (and many other events), with it.

Note that it is especially good (BETTER) for shooting large groups at tables because w/ fully-articulating LCD you can hold the camera up HIGH and shoot down. (would absolutely NOT be able to do that w/ D300)

so you can learn and grow with it for years.

NOT REALLY, it is a 10yo camera, with NONE of the more current features, (that even dSLR's now have).

Very, Very, Very LIMITED, (does not even have LV or video).

Who cares about video? It is a stills camera. That's like saying a 10 year old corvette can't haul lumber.

And the OP has said he does not care about video.

The FZ's all have 4K-video but that is simply only a bonus, (and it will be "available" for him TO USE IN THE FUTURE).

It certainly does not even begin to compare with the "growth" to use unique features the FZ/RX, (or virtually ANY "ML" does today).

The bottom line is that the D300 was SOTA 10years ago, but you could not "give" me one today, (especially if I had to spend $600 for only "one" lens when I can get a much better complete camera w/ modern features FOR THE SAME MONEY).


The issue is that you seem to think that you have a magic solution that everyone should adopt.

It is unique and different from conventional dSLR type.

In other posts you made it sound like it was a miracle if you got a good exposure on a DSLR.

Good exposure on a dSLR IS SORT OF A "MIRACLE" because you are relying on SEPARATE sensors to "guess" at a proper exposure.  And the same w/ focus which again relies on "separate" sensor to "guess", (and requires "calibration" because of known dSLR "mis"-focus issues.

I suggest (ML) WYSIWYG is much better for exposure/white-balance, (and focus more accurate), because it is directly from the actual imaging-sensor.

The rest of us have no trouble nailing exposure, focus, DoF, or any other aspect of photography with our DSLRs.

But it does take time/experience to arrive where you can "start" w/ ML.  Therefore much faster and more accurate.

It just seems like the fz1000 is perfect for YOU - which is great - but you assume it's perfect for everyone. You have to realize that other people have different needs, wants, or shooting styles.

Hey, this is a "beginners" forum ... and there are questions here EVERY DAY regarding and complaining about exposure/focus problems/issues.

How many FZ-1000 "questions/issues" do you see here.  VERY VERY FEW.

It simply is a easier/faster/more-accurate system to learn and use.

Even in the "Panasonic ... " forum, there are very few "complainers".

As time moves on, how do you upgrade from a fz1000? I guess you have to sell it and buy a whole new camera. How would the OP upgrade from a D300? Just keep that FREE camera as a backup and put any lenses he's purchased on a new body. Then he has two bodies that accept the same lenses.

But you are still then LOCKED into a "system".  If you want to go from Nikon to Canon/Pentax/Sony etc, you again have to RESELL (everything).

And you point used to be more valid until "now" when both Canon and Nikon are going to introduce completely new/different cameras/lenses so WHO KNOWS what "system" you may prefer in the future.

I have stated that I fear that Nikon does NOT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to produce a ML equal to Sony, (especially as they rely on Sony sensors and they WON'T SELL THEIR LATEST SENSOR to Nikon).

So I fear neither Canon or Nikon can exceed the capabilities of Sony's A9, (or A7xxx).

(but I hope they can because I have over a dozen Nikon lenses that I "hope" to eventually be able to use on a FF Nikon ML-body)

It's obvious from this and many other threads that any further discussion is pointless. We get it. The fz1000 is the best camera ever

It was very unique when introduced 4 years ago, and still remains the best "value" for its combination of options/features.

and no one needs anything else. The sad thing is that beginners come here for help and you take over the thread. The OP has probably given up by now.

I am going to suggest that 90-95% of the general public who buys a dSLR never buys any more than their basic "kit" lenses.

That number is different here (in DPR), but I suggest that even 50% of "beginners" here will again never buy more than their basic "kit" lenses.

FOR THOSE 50% -- WHY should they buy a dSLR (w/ only "kit" lenses), when a FZ-1000 can cover 100% of those limits with a "continuous" zoom-range w/ wider/longer/FASTER than those "kit" lenses ???

And they get the additional advantage of "leaf" shutters for unlimited shutter-speed options when using flash.

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