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Re: Microcontrast

Great Bustard wrote:

First, let me define the term: microcontrast is the contrast at high spatial frequencies. With that definition in place, a few questions:

  1. If System A has a higher MTF-50 than System B, does that mean that it will have greater resolution at all other contrast levels? For example, will the MTF-10 and MTF-90 of System A also be greater than System B?
  2. If (1) is true, does that necessarily imply the converse? That is, the contrast of System A will be higher than the contrast of System B at any given resolution?
  3. Does halation affect the MTF-50 measurement? If so, does the effect of halation result in greater degradation as the contrast level of the MTF measurement increases?
  4. Repeat (3) with veiling flare.

In the end, I wish to know if the term "microcontrast" as defined describes the photo in a photographically meaningful manner any differently than an MTF-50 measurement does. That is, if System A has a higher MTF-50 than System B, does that automatically mean that the "microcontrast" of System A is greater than the "microcontrast" of System B?

First stop is to read these two articles:



From the second, this figure which answers question 1 in the negative:

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