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Hight Fly wrote:

AlbertTheLazy wrote:

Finally, Your English is very good, but doesn't read like an Irishman. What is your native language, just to be nosey?

Oh no, you discovered me!

My dream is to seem like I am a native English speaker, but it sure looks like it isn't the case yet

Ca, c'est vachement difficile!

I am French

Thought so!

and have learnt English on the Internet, because the teachers at school were really bad

In that case you have done extremely well. English is my mother tongue, but I'm British and French and I have a bit of a linguistic background. My wife is native born Bretonne and spent the best part of 40 years in England teaching languages to adults, but nobody would mistake her for a native anglophone. After a while you become sensitized to the nuances.

Could you please tell me what led you to think that?

All sorts of little things. For example, no Brit that I know would say 'Oh no, you discovered me!' as you did above. I doubt if any American, Australian or whatever would either. I'm not saying that it is 'wrong' but it certainly isn't colloquial.

That would help me improve my English and thus get closer to my goal!

Too many little things to point out. And none of them have been a barrier to communication. You are doing very well. What you probably need is to spend a year or two in an anglophone country.

Bringing this back on-topic it helps me to understand why you want to get the best equipment straight away so that you can aim for photographic perfection. No matter how bad your teachers were they gave you a basic introduction to English. Now you need a camera/lens combination that will get you the first part of the way into being a photographer.

After a year or so you will know enough to make informed decisions about what equipment and learning you need.

Bonne chance!

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