Visual testing for noise levels -- a challenge

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Re: Science ennobles?

JimKasson wrote:

j_photo wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

j_photo wrote:

MyReality wrote:

An interesting and valid test. Similar to a double-blind test of a single variable in a print, but zoomed in.

I don't think it's double-blind. Jim was aware of the right answer when he posted the question. It's possible he could have subconsciously telegraphed a preference. In a double-blind test, the poster also wouldn't know.

The order of the presentation was determined by a Matlab random number generator. The mechanism for doing that is in the source code I posted. I posted the files in alphabetical order by file name.


You are very thorough Jim! I'm not saying your method of presenting the question was flawed. And I admit, it would be very difficult for you to telegraph bias via a forum post.

But for the sake of argument, I don't think this qualifies as a double-blind test. You certainly are biased, in that you have an expectation for what the outcome should be.

I’m not claiming the test is double blind, just that the presentation is randomized and that the method for so doing is in the posted code.

I could have made the test easier by increasing the step size to say, 100%, but wanted to stay in the neighborhood of the numbers in the other thread.

MyReality brought up the double-blind test. My response was to his comment.

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