Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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Photo School (Freeman) + Make a Project + The Strobist

j_eldritch wrote:

I've got some down time at the moment between jobs. I'm new to photography but I've been getting very into it recently, so I'm going to spend the time learning. I plan on treating it like a 9-5 day for the most part (though I've got a couple of other creative projects on the go too).

What would you recommend me, a complete beginner, to do for three weeks to progress my photography as much as possible?

I was thinking of doing an online course like this or getting and following an introductory book (this is about what my budget stretches to). However, I'd love to hear recommendations from some more experienced photographers. What do you wish you had done right at the start? Is there a course, book or exercise you'd recommend?

1) IMHO, get Photo School by Michael Freeman.

The really old book.

It's like a photography class in a book.

The reason I think starting with a book is great is that . . . at the start, you don't know what you don't know. So . . . how do you find what you need to know on the Internet when you don't know what to type into the search engine? LOL.

This book covers a wide range of ideas such as composition, exposure and lighting.

2) Make a project for yourself to accomplish.

IMHO the thing about reading about photography is that you can read something, but not really learn something.

But creating a project (such as deciding to take a series of (self) portrait pictures, or still life pictures or a series of pictures about the colour green, for instance, it will force you to actually use your camera and try to achieve your goal.

If you run into trouble, it will point out areas that you need to learn / improve . . . so you can search for an answer or come here to ask for help.

But . . . in the end . . . once you have completed your project, I believe that you will have learned something, because you were forced to in order to finish your project.

3) Check out "The Strobist" and off-camera flash.

IMHO . . . good to know about this before you get into things.

Either you get interested in it or you don't. But . . . at least you know about it.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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