Updgrade from D5100. Is it the D500 the right choice?

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Re: Updgrade from D5100. Is it the D500 the right choice?

Urumi wrote:

Hello! I'm probably repeating some other threads but I'm in a limbo of choice and I'd love to hear some thoughts for an upgrade from the D5100.

What do I shoot: landscape and travel photography but I'd love to do more indoor/outdoor portraits, wildlife and sports. Some example down below while other here :

What I want from a new body: improve the sharpness, dynamic range, fps, ISO sensibility (after ISO 500 the D5100 goes to hell)

For two years I was all the way for the D500 but then my boyfriend wanted to go FF and showed me some splendid macro with the D750 and I ended up in a limbo of torment. At the moment there are nice offers for the D500 (1899 CHF with 200 of cashback) and also the D750+24-120 (2299 CHF with 200 of cashback)


Is the D500 similar in sharpness to the D750? Are all the new features of the D500 (focus points, focusing system, fps) more valuable that having possibly more sharpness and ISO capabilities of the D750? Is the D500 too miche? Is the D500 not great for landscape?

The D500 gives up some sharpness and dynamic range in exchange for focus points, fps, High ISO capabilities. The D500 shines when you want to photograph fast motion and dimly illuminated subjects. Also, from the same distance, with the same lens, it lets you get 1.5x "closer" to your subject with more pixels on the subject.

I don't know which lenses you currently have, but you probably will be able to use them all with the D500. I use mostly 17-55/2.8 and 70-200/2.8 with mine. I am very happy with my D500 which I use for everything.

But looking at your nice Flicker images, I think you will be happier with the D750.

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