What is it, part 3

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What is it, part 3

Hi all,

In line with recent posts, I also have a "what is it" question. Sadly I don't have a photographic basis for my querry, just an eye report.

When I was out last Thursday (August 9) together with my girlfriend, we both saw a slow, graceful flare that crossed the big dipper (largely lengthwise, in the direction from the "handle" to the "pan"). Nothing special about that in itself, but the colour of the flare was clearly pink.

To me it looked more like a sattelite flare than any meteor I've seen; from memory, I'd say it was similar in size and brightness to the best Iridium flares I've seen. That pink colour had me stumped though... (And yes, we both clearly saw the pink colour - I was thinking it, and she said it outloud "why was that pink?")

For the satellite hunters among you - I can tell you that I observed it from the southern edge of Dublin, Ireland, but sadly I can't give an exact time. (somewhere between 11pm August 9 and 00:30am August 10 is the best I can do...)

Any thoughts or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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Greg Van den Bleeken
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