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I love to learn, this is my passion, therefore I am ready to invest time, may it be months, to learn how to perfectly use my camera and to cover all the possibilities it offers.

An interchangeable lens camera will give you more possibilities. Definitely.

And interchangeable lens camera (ILC) offers the possibilities to add a "fast", (or smaller), prime lens, (as opposed to a larger "zoom").

The "fast" prime can allow images in lower light.

A larger sensor (modern one at least), allows higher ISO, again for lower light, (w/ lower noise).

I am prepared to carry the extra weight, because I used to wear my father's DSLR when I was a child whilst hiking. Since then, I have never wore a mirrorless camera, so I don't know that I'll lose.

For most purposes having a DSLR or a mirrorless of about the same standard is immaterial. 95% of the knowledge that you gain will work with either.

For a beginner with the chance to get a good camera for free the choice is obvious, to me.

No problem with a "free" camera. And if you can combine that with a "cheap" (50 EU as one poster stated), no problem with that either for whatever it allows you to do.

BUT ... rather than consider a $600 lens, the same money can simply buy much much much more. Why "limit" yourself ???

And why carry larger/heavier if you don't have to.

Take the D300. Shop carefully for an older, hence cheaper, zoom to use with it and if you have any money left over get a cheap fast prime -- f:2 or faster in the 35-50mm range.

Yes, but putting a $600+ lens is like putting lipstick on a pig, (as the expression has been said).

Use that combination for a year and then either build on it or decide what would suit your (by then known) needs better.

I consider this idea of not investing too much, because, you are right, 600€ is a budget.

Now let's turn the question the other way around: how could I do to have the best quality possible, the best compromises (for you @PhotoTeach2 ) on the DSLR Nikon D300? What lens(es) should I get to have very sharp images to enjoy thoroughly my dive into the world of photography.

Because if you say that the 16-80mm costs too much money for what I get for, I totally understand, but I am wondering if I would really enjoy having the 16-85mm then.

I haven't checked yet how much I can get one for. I will do that today.

Thanks again for everything guys, it really helps having all those different points of views and advices from experienced photographers!


Well, you can "learn photography" with ANY camera/lens. (up to the limits of that specific camera & lens)

So if you get the D300, (which I agree was State-Of-The-Art SOTA when introduced 10 years ago), I would simply get the "cheapest" lens you can get and enjoy that, (to its limits). There was another posted w/ images from a 50EU 70-300. In most cases the images will be indiscernible from any other, (w/in that zoom range).

With a "fast" prime lens, you can shoot in lower light, but again not as low as a newer technology-sensor camera, (which can use much higher ISO than the only 3200 available on D300 -- the FZ-1000 allows ISO 25,600 for lower light and there now FF that can exceed 100,000 ISO).

So to be clear, I fully support getting the (free) D300 -- but only with the "cheapest" lens you can find and use the camera to its limits, (rather than spending $600+ when you can get a more modern camera for that price).

But there are also many options/features that help you to learn faster and eventually get better (ETTR) exposed images for lowest light. I am also available anytime to help you learn to use the FZ-1000 if you get one, (I don't mind even giving you my phone number).

Did you see my post that included my (FZ-1000) images ???

Some of those were with 800mm-EFL, and some w/ 3200mm-EFL. Some were under "moon" light, and some were with flash in SUN-light, (w/ dark background). There was only a couple images in that list that were even possible w/ D300. I have many more than would also have been impossible w/ D300 -- but "YOU" can do them with the FZ, (for only $600 total). I have more images in my gallery but not yet "all" of mine because there is a "limit" to what I can download at a time, but you are invited to review all that I so-far have there. There are images there from both WA and 3200mm, from the SAME LOCATION.

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