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AlbertTheLazy wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

AlbertTheLazy wrote:

For a start, don't worry about phototeach. He is obsessed by the FZ1000 and recommends it to everybody, regardless of their stated wants and needs. For many people it is all the camera they will ever need; for others it has an overwhelming array of options that they will never explore

But if the same price for (only) a lens, what is wrong with having options/features he indeed does not have to use until later ???

Joe, I'm not going to get into a feature fight with you.

I don't want a "fight" either.  I simply listed the options/features he would be able to learn and fully exploit -- that would not be possible w/ D300.

That said, I use a mixture of native Fuji glass and adapted (manual only)

Nikon mount lenses on my mirrorless camera. This is partly for cost and partly because there is no similar native lens. For example, I use a Nikon mount 70-300mm Sigma zoom that cost me 50 euros. You could fit that directly to a D300 as a cheap way into the world of long telephotos. It's not the sharpest lens in my bag but it is inexpensive fun.

You are making my point. (Manual Only / not sharpest)

50 Euros! (About 70 bucks for those who are not familiar with world currencies) Fully compatible with a D300 for exposure and autofocus. A cheap way for a beginner who doesn't know where he might be going to try long lens work.

I agree ... he is being offered a "FREE" (10yo) camera.

If he wants to get a "50 EU" lens and have fun ... no problem.

But why spend $600 if he can get a more capable camera/lens FOR THE SAME MONEY ???

Nice shots ... but all w/ a "normal" lens and SUN-light.

All those were shot with a70-300mm zoom on APS-C. The first two definitely using the 300 end. Ignore the EXIF -- that lens doesn't communicate with the camera.

If you can't see the difference between the perspective and DoF effects of using such a lens and using a '$10 disposable' then that might explain your obsession with using one camera to the exclusion of any others.

They are nice images and I apologize if I appeared to put them down.

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