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Re: Reality check

Klaus dk wrote:

I was talking to the OP.

As a beginner, he may need a reality check after your sales pitch and be made aware that if the FZ1000 was as perfect as you claim, more people would supposedly have found out by now and Panasonic's market share would be in the high 90'es.

I have said MANY TIMES that I once felt the same way as ALL "you" people.

I was PRE-JUDICED against any "small" sensor and felt would not compare.

It was only after I USED ONE that I realized how wrong I had been, and NOW TAKING PHOTOS that were IMPOSSIBLE before, (as easily, quickly, or cheaply).

It is not more popular because of the prejudice exhibited in this room against it.

YOU people are attacking ME when you have NEVER USED THE CAMERA.

I was also against it, UNTIL IT TRIED IT.

I proved my point w/ the photos I posted.  I challenge you to compete w/ equal (SOOC) photos.

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