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Re: Beginning into photography

NikonNature wrote:

A new car might have blue tooth, a navigation system, and a rear camera, but you don't need any of that to drive and a ten year old car that's free is hard to beat.

Do you have a "problem" w/ blue-tooth, navigation, or rear-camera ???

The question/issue here is spending the SAME MONEY ($600+) for a lens for a 10-yo camera, (w/ none of the above), or the SAME MONEY for a camera w/ all the above.

The D300 is a fantastic camera

It was the best-camera on the market 10-years ago when introduced, (using 60+yo "mirror" technology). I recommended it to many people at that time.

and a great tool to learn on.

But (any) Mirror-Less can be better than (any) dSLR to "learn" on. Do you have a problem w/ a direct-visual-feedback when making exposure/WB adjustments/corrections ???

It has excellent external controls that minimize the need to dive into menus.

I agree with that, but the same can apply to many ML. The same can apply to FZ, (or even RX), if all you want to do is "basic" stuff.

QUESTION for you ... w/ D300 can you adjust "A", "SS", and "EC" w/ ONE FINGER w/out removing your eye from the viewfinder ... (and no menu) ???

You can w/ FZ. ONE "thumb" wheel can immediately do whatever needed w/out taking your eye away.

12mp is fine.

I agree, (FZ/RX is 20mpx but 12 is "enough").

People shot weddings with that camera! You can use it like a point and shoot, or in full manual,

Same with FZ/RX ... I have shot weddings, (and many other events), with it.

Note that it is especially good (BETTER) for shooting large groups at tables because w/ fully-articulating LCD you can hold the camera up HIGH and shoot down.  (would absolutely NOT be able to do that w/ D300)

so you can learn and grow with it for years.

NOT REALLY, it is a 10yo camera, with NONE of the more current features, (that even dSLR's now have).

Very, Very, Very LIMITED, (does not even have LV or video).

It certainly does not even begin to compare with the "growth" to use unique features the FZ/RX, (or virtually ANY "ML" does today).

The bottom line is that the D300 was SOTA 10years ago, but you could not "give" me one today, (especially if I had to spend $600 for only "one" lens when I can get a much better complete camera w/ modern features FOR THE SAME MONEY).


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