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Klaus dk wrote:

Hight Fly wrote:

Thanks a lot for you feedbacks!

I'll deeply consider this option then.

Is there anything better about the 16-80mm lens that will perform better than the bridge?

Furthermore, if it is that much better, why do people keep buying DSLRs used and used lenses when they could get this one? The OVF is probably not their only reason.

Thanks again for your concern,


Many people regard the FZ1000 as a very good bridge camera giving other cameras a run for their money.

Thank You ...

And that is also true for the new RX10-"IV" and RX100-"V" (and now "VI"), that offers unique advantages/features with its new stacked sensor.

It's much like a Swiss Army Knife of photography, good at many things,

Thank You again ...

but rarely the preferred tool of professional craftsmen.

This is a "beginners" forum.  Do they need to spend more money on a "professional" tool ???  (and I should say "tool(S)" if it can do the job otherwise requiring many other tools)

I mentioned the RX10-"IV", RX100-"V" & "VI" above.  The same "technology" is now used in the A9, but (unless a millionaire), I would not recommend a A9 to a "beginner".

Joe (PhotoTeach2) is the only member who persistently writes an enthusiastic novel in several chapters to every beginner asking for advice on camera purchase (stick around, and you'll see), so consider his suggestions, but also look elsewhere.

But am I "wrong" about the specs of the FZ/RX ???

Can you post SOOC images that can't be (SOOC) from a cheaper camera ???

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