First Glamour Shots WARNING ! Sexy

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Bill Cowger New Member • Posts: 16
Re: First Glamour Shots WARNING ! Sexy

The shots are very good for first glamour shots. Make sure you take the advice on here as personal preferences.. and in some cases just bad advice.

Yes a vertical orientation would have been preferrable for me as well. But the 28-135 is a good portrait lens (certainly preferable to a fixed 50mm for my preference). If you want to reduce the depth of field (may or may not improve the shots) then you can extend the zoom further (I have used my 70-300 for just that purpose but it means you might have to move out into the rain) and/or increase the aperture.

Keep up the good work.

Tejay Beauparlant wrote:

Hi Everybody

This is my first Glamour session with my 10 D & 28-135 IS. Please
let me know what you think and also how I could improve.

The models name is Tara and I may be partial but I think she is
absolutely gorgeous with a lot of emotion and attitude.

You can view an addition 12 shots at my PBase gallery via this link

Thanks In Advance

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